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Built at the heart of Figeac’s old medieval neighbourhood, this building was the residence of the king’s “viguiers” (magistrates) for four centuries. Now, it invites you to experience something incredible, right in the Lot and Célé Valleys. The Hotel Mercure Viguier du Roy Figeac is hidden away behind the great walls at the heart of the town. A hidden treasure, you’ll be enchanted by this iconic 5000 m² site at the “Town of Art and History” of Figeac, with its glorious terraces, rooftops, stairways, passages, hidden corners and swimming pool.

Designed like a welcoming old mansion, the hotel brings together the best of the old and new, as well as a good helping of hospitality, thanks to its inspired renovation. Interior designer Chantal Peyrat was committed to the structures and patina of the centuries. She redesigned and revitalised the place in a lively, contemporary fashion, drawing inspiration from one of Figeac’s most illustrious residents, the Egyptologist Jean-François Champollion. The design uses the graphic codes of writing by borrowing from hieroglyphs and numbers to furnish the surroundings and infuse them with colours, movement and modernity.

All the rooms are personalised and are named after illustrious figures such as Eleanor of Aquitaine and Bernard de Savignac, the first royal viguier.
In these intimate and authentic spaces brimming with a warm and friendly atmosphere, you’ll feel right at home. Bathed in the light of the southern sun, they offer ample space. They all also come with a spacious bathroom.
As modular spaces, the family rooms become a real living space, getting the balance right between communal living and intimacy.

The hotel has PMR rooms, wheelchair access, disabled access in public areas and equipped bathrooms.

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