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 Cité Hotels Occitanie

Vast, authentic, friendly, unique, varied – these are just some of the words to describe Occitania, a place that would take a whole lifetime to discover. With sea, mountains and countryside within its borders, this oval-shaped region has all the variety of a continent. Spanning the Roman era to present day, the riches of its history are testament to its strong identity. The thirteen departments that make up the region still maintain the Occitan language and culture, which have both been maintained despite fragmentation and border variations. The Middle Ages saw the strengthening of the Occitan language (“langue d’oc”) and its literature. The region is dotted with vestiges of an illustrious past, with a harmonious architecture that humans have built to a rigorous standard. 

This destination is also ideal for nature lovers. From the high peaks of the Pyrenees to the bounding waves of the Atlantic, there are countless joys to discover across this historical land. Trails, slopes and waves are yours to tackle. And if that hasn’t whetted your appetite, perhaps our cuisine will, which is as generous as our hearts. Renowned the world over, it has become the standard of the entire country. Whether fine dining or family fare, it’s always tasty. True symbols of both Occitania and the whole of France itself are the region’s listed “Grands Sites”. Carcassonne is, of course, a must-visit. People have chosen to watch over their environment from the top of this hill since the 6th century BC, and the walled city that you see today wasn’t always like this; come and discover its incredible history. In the vibrant regional capital Toulouse, known as the “Ville Rose” (Pink City) due to its pink-tinted bricks, the streets are yours to explore. If you’re more interested in somewhere peaceful yet pretty, you’ll enjoy Figeac and the Lot and Célé Valleys. There you’ll be in the north-east of the region and can enjoy all sorts of explorations on foot, by horse or by canoe. These valleys were where the first humans around here resided, and they’ve lost none of their beauty.

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