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A city in majesty

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Perched on its hillside, the medieval town seen from below reveals few of the thousand and one treasures hidden within its fortified walls. The monumental towers framing the drawbridge of the Porte Narbonnaise house a village in its own right, still partly living in the medieval era and full of surprises. The legendary Dame Carcas welcomes you, but it's not she who will lead you through the shops of days gone by. However, her spirit (and the legend you will discover with her) will accompany you to the high walls of the château comtal, hemmed in to the city like an Occitan matryoshka. Its defences rival those of the violent battles. The tumult of war still echoes with shouts and metallic noises. The streets are still paved with medieval cobblestones, and the city's entertainment is reminiscent of the baladins of yesteryear.

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of the city

Hôtel de la cité

In the heart of the medieval city, the Hôtel de la Cité is a 5-star hotel dating from the 19th century, a magical place sheltered by the ramparts of Carcassonne. It is the ideal starting point for numerous excursions to discover the jewels of the Occitanie region. Its gourmet restaurant is the first stop on the road to the culinary delights of the Occitan region.

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Hotel le donjon

With its ideal location and lush gardens, the two houses of Hôtel le Donjon are a haven of peace. A history that blends tradition and trends, modern comfort and medieval inspiration, Hôtel le Donjon is an allegory of good times, with a personalised, warm and professional welcome to boot.

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Boulangerie de la cité

Delight, garden, grocery shop & tearoom in the medieval city of Carcassonne. The unique Boulangerie de la Cité, a must-visit address in the Cité, is nestled in the heart of one of the oldest corbelled houses in the fortress, dating from the late 15th century and facing the Basilica of Saint Nazaire.

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