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The Hotel de la Cité is an integral part of the history of Carcassonne, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. At the very heart of the medieval city and built on the site of the former bishop’s palace, our 5-star hotel stands next to the Saint-Nazaire Basilica and overlooks the lower town from the ramparts, offering an enchanting view over the city, its gardens, its walls and its stones that have been there for centuries. The hotel’s foyer and lounges are an enchanting mix of Neo-Gothic and 1920s Art Deco styles.

With its distinct and original atmosphere and its strong links to the history of the region, the Hotel de la Cité is a wonderful entry in the Mgallery Hotel Collection, made up of some of the Accor Group’s most memorable establishments, which provide visitors with a unique atmosphere and experience.

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***** Hotel de la Cité, Carcassonne

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