A majestic city

 Cité Hotels Occitanie

Seen from below, you can only begin to guess how many treasures stand behind the fortified walls of this hilltop medieval city. Behind the monumental towers that surround the Porte Narbonnaise drawbridge, you can discover a full-blown working medieval village, as well as plenty of other surprises. The legendary Lady Carcas welcomes you, yet she will lead you far from just the old-time shops. Her spirit (and accompanying legend) will guide you to the likes of the high walls of the Château Comtal, nestled snugly within the city’s walls. This castle competes for your attention with defences that are testaments of violent fighting. The turmoil of battle still resounds with cries and metallic noises. The streets are once more paved in a Medieval style, and the city’s current entertainments evoke the troubadours of olden days. 

From its ramparts, you can enjoy a 360° panorama with many a story to tell and place to see, with the Montagne Noire and Pyrenees in the distance and the lower town at your feet. You can also visit the Saint-Nazaire Basilica, where you can admire flamboyant stained glass and striking gargoyles. All around, the tables are dressed to welcome you. The fragrances of the cooking filter out and attract you, while the children play knights. The cafés in the Place Saint-Jean are perfect for a quick break, while our hotels in the heart of the city guarantee peace of mind under the protection of the reliable old walls.

In the morning, you can walk through all the busy or quieter streets, discover your own lairs and landmarks... and choose what you want to bring back from the Centre d'Histoire Vivante Médiévale (Medieval Living History Centre).

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