Christine's House

Groupe Cité hôtels A local cuisine, from yesterday to today

The art of entertaining means creating links...
The notion of sharing takes on its full meaning with the rebirth of this unmissable address in the Cité de Carcassonne.
A place to live and a culinary experience where everything is combined to surprise its guests.
A restaurant decorated by the renowned architect Jean Philippe Nuel in an elegant, soft and luminous atmosphere where naturalness makes its entrance.
Eden in the heart of the Cité de Carcassonne, this Mediterranean bistro offers a cuisine marked by local roots, hospitality and Occitan generosity with a twist on the plate.
In Occitania, eating well is our nature!
So travel between land and sea, and discover with us unique flavours where the product and the taste always have the last word.
The menu is signed by our starred Chef Jérôme Ryon La Barbacane - Hôtel de la Cité and cooked by Chef Lucien Diaz.

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Conviviality and authenticity in the city

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Chez Christine (nouveau 2023) Cité Médiévale - 11000 Carcassonne +334 68 25 95 72 Write to us
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