When anti-gaspi comes to the breakfast table!

News Toulouse 2024

"Each jar cooked limits the waste of our resources, promotes the local economy and social inclusion in Toulouse".
As part of the CSR initiative launched over a year ago by the teams at the Cour des Consuls, the hotel's breakfast service now features Bocalenvers jams.
Bocalenvers transforms end-of-life fruit and vegetables into delicious sweet and savoury jars. Each glass jar is returnable.

A social project

The aim of the association is to support people in precarious situations. Regaining self-confidence and forging links, developing skills and solving social problems: all this is possible in a community cannery.

A local dynamic

Acting locally means acting on a human scale and in harmony with our planet's resources. Bocalenvers produces, sells and promotes social inclusion in the Toulouse metropolitan area.

A word from the founders

Two engineer friends who lived in a shared flat and cooked a lot together, a shared desire to build a socially useful project was born. "Together, we founded the Bocalenvers association and now work in tandem as the association's administrative directors and technical supervisors of the volunteers and employees on integration schemes". Soël, quiet strength & Camille, fertile imagination