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La Cour des Consuls - Hôtel & SPA
46 rue des Couteliers
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Restaurant Le Cénacle
46 rue des Couteliers
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(+33)5 34 31 67 34

Graine de Pastel Spa




Exclusive brand for the Spa at La Cour des Consuls

  • Accueil Spa
  • Tisanerie
  • Hammam
  • Produits Graine de Pastel

Our Spa Graine de Pastel at La Cour des Consuls provides 4 Suites filled with daylight, that offers an unrivalled oasis of comfort, serenity and well-being.

Within this historical decorum made of « à la française » moulding, cyma and period cornice, one can also find signs of modern comfort: brand new changing rooms, a Napoleon-style transparent chair, a tempered-glass bench… These details are here to ensure your comfort and well-being. An oasis of white, transparency and reflections, to calm down.

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Our adventure, the pastel...

Graine de pastel reveals a traditional beauty secret forgotten since many centuries, the pastel, and develops natural cosmetics care formulated and made in the South-West of France.

The pastel, this tinctorial plant whose leaves contain a precious blue pigment that marked the history of our region, Toulouse and the “Pays de Cocagne”… But above all, the ancestral medicinal plant, whose dermatological properties were forgotten !

Two years of research allowed us to reveal the beauty secrets of the plant : an extraordinary composition of the pastel protein in omega 3, 6 and 9, fatty acids essential to the skin’s beauty. We created Graine de pastel, with a strong commitment to which we are faithful for over ten years: to revive a traditional beauty secret in natural and comforting care, environment-friendly.

The Graine de pastel’s signature : an original natural active with proven efficacy and a unique sensory experience. The purity and sweetness of the blue permeate our care and textures,  the vegetal fragance of our products is unique. Close your eyes, you are in the land of pastel …

Carole Garcia & Nathalie Juin, founders of Graine de pastel

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Graine de Pastel Spa

at La Cour des Consuls Hôtel & Spa
46 rue des Couteliers
31000 Toulouse
Tél. : (+33)5 67 16 19 60

Opening time:

From thuesday to saturday : 10am to 8pm
Sunday and monday : 10am-6pm

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