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La Cour des Consuls - Hôtel & SPA
46 rue des Couteliers
(+33)5 67 16 19 99
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Restaurant Le Cénacle
46 rue des Couteliers
(+33)5 67 16 19 99
(+33)5 34 31 67 34

Gastronomic Restaurant – Le Cénacle

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With its stunning stone-made fireplace and a copy of “Supper at Emmaüs” by Caravaggio, our restaurant Le Cénacle offers a memorable gourmet experience.

Our menu is based on food and wine pairing, with famous vintages from Languedoc and South West.

The conservative cuisine is reinvented and enhanced with Occitan touches.

Jérôme Ryon, Michelin-starred Chef from Hôtel de la Cité

That is in the heart of a magical scenery, the medieval city of Carcassonne, a UNESCO world heritage site that our Chef Jerôme Ryon, born in Bourg-en-Bresse, works.
He first started 10 years ago at La Barbacane, the gastronomic restaurant at Hôtel de la Cité. Previously assistant to Franck Putelat, he has been the head Chef for 6 years. With talent.
Jérôme Ryon’s cuisine highlights out natural produces, like fish and vegetables from the Mediterranean area, as well as produces from Lyon (“souvenirs” of his alpine roots).
A cuisine based on French classics, but, over seasons, and with an audacious touch.

Thomas Vonderscher, Chef of our restaurant Le Cénacle

Born in the Vosges mountain range, this young talented  chef started as a commis in a “small” restaurant, la Bergerie d’Aragon.
Passionate about cooking, Thomas quickly found his way towards local-based cuisine. He then carried on with Sebastien Chambru (Moulin de Mougins) and the Metropolitan (Toulouse), but that’s mainly by working with Jérôme Ryon (with whom he had been working for 3 years), that he will become aware of his talent. Therefore he became his assistant at La Barbacane.
A few years later, he has become our Chef Rue des Couteliers, and the two Chefs have elaborated a four-handed menu.







Have a seat at the Bar and linger in one of our cosy couches and club chairs. The atmosphere is so British, casual and relax.
Discover our unique Champagne menu… to have with Petrossian caviar. And to keep our Couteliers tradition, our bartenders saber open Champagne magnums with a real blade!
This is definitely a good place to hang around while having one of our Signature cocktails.

Our cocktails signature

« Garonna Julep » 

This cocktail put the oldest eau de vie in the spotlight: the Armagnac. Inspired by the Mint-Julep, created in United States in 18th century, the Garonna-Julep guides you outside of time along the Garonne.

« NewGaro » 

This composition combines the spice of Southern Comfort, from New-Orleans, with the “violence of the violet” explain by the child of Toulouse: Claude Nougaro. That’s why we call you the pink city…